Sake Confidential
Sake Confidential

"A superb, easy-to-swallow overview of this fascinating, complex and subtle beverage, offered with pith and clarity."—The New York Times

"This book is not just for sake lovers; it’s a must read for anyone interested in Japanese culture." - The Japan Times

"Sake Confidential is essential reading for anyone curious or passionate about Japan’s national spirit." - Metropolis Magazine
“This is an informative and fascinating Sake book which I highly recommend. It fills a needed niche for a Sake book that goes beyond the basics, but still is approachable by even the casual reader or newbie to Sake. Even those knowledgeable to Sake are likely to learn at least a few things from this book.”—Food and wine columnist Richard Auffrey, The Passionate Foodie blog
"With limited resources available in either Japanese or English, I decided to seek out a higher source, and wasn’t surprised when saké insiders both in Japan and abroad recommended John Gauntner".—Anna Lee Iijima, Wine Enthusiast Magazine

"John Gauntner is a once-in-a-lifetime tour guide and professor wrapped up in an enjoyable and personable package.”— Beau Timken, owner/operator of True Sake, the first sake-only retailer in the United States

"John keeps the material interesting for both total sake neophytes as well as those who have a more advanced understanding of sake. . . . he is able to make even the most mundane facts interesting."—Blake Spahn, CEO, Ty Ku