Sake Confidential
Sake Confidential
Sake Confidential

A Beyond-the-Basics Guide to Understanding, Tasting, Selection, and Enjoyment

With today’s sake drinkers increasingly informed and adventurous, now is the time for a truly expert guide to take you deeper into appreciation of this complex but delightful Japanese beverage, brewed from rice and enjoyed both warm and chilled. 

And what better mentor than John Gauntner, the “Sake Guy” and the world’s leading non-Japanese sake educator and evangelist? Here in over two dozen no-holds-barred essays, John reveals “the truth about sake” from a connected insider’s perspective. No other book or website presents such a knowledgeable, practical, and concise yet complete guide to sake idiosyncrasies, misperceptions, and controversies.


  • Sake Secrets: junmai vs. non-junmai, namazake, aging, dry vs. sweet, ginjo, warm vs. chilled, nigori, water, yeast, rice, regionality 

  • How the Industry Really Works: pricing, contests, distribution, glassware, milling, food pairing

  • The Brewer’s Art Revealed: koji-making, brewers’ guilds, grading and production

Sake Confidential . . . the perfect FAQ for beginners, experts, and sommeliers, indexed for easy reference, with a glossary and suggested sake selections and label photos.

ISBN 9781611720143: (p-book) $USD $11.95 · CAD $12.99 
ISBN 9781611725513: (e-book) $USD $11.95 · CAD $12.99 
4.50 x 9.00", 184 pp, paper, b/w photographs